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Business, Personal Finance & Career

The Power of Collaboration
The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book
Second Act Careers
AARP Retirement
12 Steps to a New Career
Middle-Class Lifeboat
Youtube Marketing Power
Confessions of a Credit Junkie
Idiot's Guides to Options Trading
CIG to Book Proposals and Query Letters
Disaster Preparedness
Write Out Loud
Making Money with Option Strategies

Chris Burniske
& Jack Tatar

Michael C. Thomsett

Carol Barash PhD

Paul & Sarah Edwards

Mike Lewis &

Steve Spignosi

Jessica Zweig


Jason G. Miles

Instagram Power

Skip McGrath

Beverly Harzog

Michael Wallace
& Lawrence Webber

Ann Logue

Rod Brouhard, EMT-P

& Crystal Kline, MEP

Robert Bly

Bridget McCrea


Barbara Mitchell

& Cornelia Gamlem 

Thea Singer Spitzer, PhD

Julie Jason

Nancy Collamer, MS

Creator of

Carl J. Wellenstein

Allen, Bearg, Foley & Smith 

Jeffrey J. Wuorio 

Barbara Mitchell

& Sharon Armstrong

Sharon Armstrong

Katharine Hansen, PhD

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